Ashley Herring Blake’s Suffer Love

Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

A contemporary teenage love story that’s doomed from the start.

I’ve been on a writing hiatus for the last two months but I’m back and ready to kick things back into gear. I’ve got seven reviews coming up so keep an eye out for those. My game plan is to post every other Sunday. The first of those is below.

I loved this book. I loved the character development. I loved how real the story was. I loved the complexity of human emotions. I loved the alternative perspectives. I loved the ending.

This young adult book is a coming of age book about two young teens who fall in love with someone they shouldn’t. Cue the Romeo and Juliet plot line over here. But here’s the thing – it’s good. The story is rich and the character development makes you understand that people are complex. Nothing is ever as it seems on the surface. We’re all like onions with layers and layers of emotions and depth that need to be unraveled in order to truly be understood. 

This book is about Sam and Hadley’s unconventional love story. Why is it unconventional? Both of their parents had an affair with the other’s and this indiscretion has rocked their family’s foundation at its core.

What makes it worse? Sam knows who Hadley is and who her father is but Hadley has no clue who Sam is. Sam concocts a plan to teach his mother a lesson by befriending and parading Hadley in front of her. However, what he doesn’t plan for is actually falling in love with Hadley. Then comes Sam’s internal strife. He struggles with his feelings – does he want Hadley to be a part of his life knowing all that he knows about their intertwined pasts? Let’s just say there’s a lot going on in this guy’s head. And the worst part is – he’s unable to verbalize any of it to Hadley, who is utterly confused by all of Sam’s mixed messages on top of her own feelings.

The story follows these two as they grapple with forbidden love, familial betrayal, and understanding their parents infidelity. From an initial glimpse, the story sounds super dramatic. It’s definitely about teenage angst but it’s also about learning to understand someone else’s viewpoints and intentions rather than judging them based on their actions. We all do this – we judge ourselves based on our intentions but others based on their actions without really understanding why the other person did what they did.

This book makes no illusions of how selfish humans can be. No one is perfect. It also does not try to put a bow on top of a really shitty situation. It tells you a story and lets you, the reader, make what you want of it through the eyes of Sam and Hadley. If you’re looking to dive into a book with loads of character development then this is right up your ally.  

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