Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Non-Fiction, Self-Help/Improvement

A book on decluttering and organizing based on the KonMari method

Yes, you read right — even with all of my OCD tendencies – I read a book on organizing. I have to say it has its merits, some are overambitious, but definitely worth a try.

After reading the book, I thought the author was bold in saying decluttering would change your life; definitely didn’t believe it was a game changer. But here I am – two weeks later – finding myself tossing things in my house that don’t give me joy. I’m taking stock of my inventory and asking myself whether I’m ever going to use the item at hand. 9 out of 10 times, the item is being kept because of a flawed thought: it may come in handy down the road. For example, pajamas – I have a ton of pajamas that I don’t wear anymore yet am keeping them around in the event that maybe, just maybe, I’ll need them when I’m painting my house (true story). I can’t remember the last time I painted so why do I need to save something for an event that may or may not happen?

And this is exactly Kondo’s point, or at least one of them: we have enough space in our homes for the things we like; we just need to make room to showcase them. And room isn’t created by expensive organization systems, it’s by decluttering and tossing things out. She has a methodical approach to cleaning as well as developing your decision-making process by starting with the least sentimental items (clothes) to ending with the most (pictures). She believes that a complete and utter overhaul of each category needs to be completed before moving on to the next and organizing must not be attempted until every single item in one category has been evaluated. It’s a stretch but she claims most of her clients don’t rebound when cleaning this way. Once you’re up to organizing, you have to have an area for each item even items in your work bag, yes these things need to be removed after a long day’s work and placed in their designated spot (ugh, okay).

When it comes to the book, there are things that are oversimplifications like throwing everything within a specific category on the ground and going through it – who has time for that – yet, Kondo’s ideas have stuck with me for the long haul so I definitely think there is merit in understanding her strategy. I do wish her book had pictures to show her hallmark folding technique so if you’re a visual learner, avoid the book because it won’t resonate as well as the multitude of YouTube and blog posts out there. If you need something meatier – to digest the book and its content – then reading it is probably the best way to go.

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One thought on “Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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